Adam Wathan, Creator of Tailwind CSS

Ben and Adam Wathan cover the development and reimagining of Tailwind CSS, focusing on the release of Tailwind 4.0. They delve into the motivation behind the rewrite, the challenges faced, and the approach to maintaining backward compatibility. The conversation covers topics related to software versioning, open-source maintenance, backward compatibility, the use of Rust in Tailwind, testing strategies, and the future of Tailwind as a business.

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Tailwind CSS ( - The CSS framework Adam created

Key Takeaways
  • Rewrites can lead to a cleaner, more maintainable codebase.
  • Accurate problem modeling can lead to the emergence of new features and benefits.
  • The approach to backward compatibility involves making it easy to upgrade to the new version rather than simply making the old version work.

  • (00:00) - Introduction and Background
  • (00:35) - Windows Version Launch and Guest Network
  • (01:24) - Rewriting Tailwind: Philosophy and Execution
  • (03:42) - Ben’s Static HTML Website Idea
  • (09:06) - Re-imagining Tailwind with Tailwind 4
  • (20:49) - Challenges and Solutions in Tailwind Development
  • (32:45) - Rust Components in Tailwind 4
  • (35:41) - Tailwind 4 Goals and Achievements
  • (40:22) - Testing and Quality Assurance in Tailwind 4
  • (46:38) - Tailwind 4 Release
  • (49:54) - The Tailwind Origin Story
  • (52:24) - Business Strategies and Open Source Impact

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Adam Wathan, Creator of Tailwind CSS
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